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22 Jun 2018

Painful Setbacks


Please read my previous post, and the one before that about bicarbonate of soda and my alkalising my body.  It has been working well.  However, I had a painful setback last night.

All Day Fast

I fast all day, because I can’t afford to have any “symptoms” whilst at work.  There is no way I can just stop the bus and get out and go to the toilet.  So, I ensure I keep the tumour area quiet all day.  But here was my stumbling block yesterday.  It must have been triggered by the cancer “starving to death” because when I got home, I felt absolutely starving, and because we had some crisps (potato chips for you in the US) in the house, and chocolate biscuits (cookies) I had a packet of crisps and a chocolate biscuit.

Fed the Tumour it’s carb requirement

So, my quick carbohydrate intake fed the tumour, and boy did I know about it.  I had severed pain from the area.  This says to me that I genuinely had been starving it.  But then the big mistake was to eat the carbs.  

Ran out of Ibuprofen 

Coupled with that, I had run out of ibuprofen, which I have been using whenever I had a pain from the area, simply because Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory, and cancer is an inflammatory disease.  Fortunately for me, Carol, my wife was on hand to go to the local ASDA for some ibuprofen.  

Todays effort – Bicarb, and the Dr Daniels Turpentine Protocol.

So, this morning, I have had some bicarb, and the tumour didn’t like it, but tough luck baby, you’re getting it.  Now, my theory is that given it will be starving, having had the bicarb, try out the Dr Daniels Turpentine Protocol straight after.  The sugar cube and the turpentine will be gobbled up by the cancer cells.  Or that’s the theory.  I’ll post how I have gone on later.   OK, got to go, coffee awaits, and I don’t mean for drinking. 

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