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12 Jan 2015

The BIG Decision – No Chemo, Surgery or Radiation for me!


So, I had read Mums Not having chemo,  Ty Bollinger’s book, Cancer Step Outside the Box, and Cancer, Why We Are Dying to Know the Truth, and had started watching some Ty’s earlier video’s that my newly found friend Vincent Crewe had given me, armed with this knowledge, No Chemo, Surgery or Radiation for me!

No Chemo, Surgery or Radiation for me! – Now to tell the family. 

To say that they were against my decision, was probably the greatest understatement of the year.  Fearing for my life, and a life without me, they tried to change my mind.  They simply wouldn’t “get” what I was trying to tell them.  That the system was broken, and that the doctors simply had their hands tied.  They couldn’t offer any other treatments than the big 3.  So, I was going to treat myself. No Chemo, Surgery or Radiation

Chemotherapy, 3% Success rate.

If you were to board a plane go on holiday, and the pilot said that because of the storms, there is a statistical chance of less than 3% we will make it to our destination.  Would you get on the plane?  No, of course you wouldn’t.  But why do so many people take the chemo that the doctors offer them?  Because, they trust that the doctors know what they are doing, and it’s their best chance, without doing any research themselves. Remember, the doctors hands are tied.  They can only offer you one or more treatments from the big 3.   Your chances are slim. 

Don’t believe me?

I will update this post as soon as possible, to genuine scientific articles that proves without a shadow of a doubt, exactly what I am saying. 

Statistics for success – a joke!

Even with such a dire success rate, what are the statistics, and how do they work it out?  It’s simple, you have to survive 5 years from initial diagnosis to be classed as a successful outcome.  That means, if you die at 5 years and one day, you were treated successfully, and you were “cured” of cancer.  Well sorry Mr Oncologist, I didn’t want 5 years of pain and anguish, I want to live out the rest of the days I was designed to have. 

Winning the war on cancer – we just need more money

The elephant is in the room, and nobody is talking about it.  We are not winning the war on cancer.  They fudge the figures to make it look that way.  How?  by getting you “earlier”.  This way, you survive for more than 5 years and have therefore been a success.  Hence all the screenings, women going through degrading breast squashing which will burst any cancer and make it spread should they have it.  It is absolutely barbaric and we are living in the darkest age of human medicine. 

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