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21 Jun 2018

Mid Summer is Here


It’s mid summer here in the UK as I type this diary post. 21st June, the longest day.

I went to work on my Harley Davidson motorbike for the first time today, just as an aid memoir to myself for later, what this has to do with cancer I’ll never know, but hey ho.


I had a serious setback over the weekend.  All self induced.  I had too much beer, and the carbs feed the tumour area nothing like beer does.  Whilst drinking, I had a distinct “pain” in the area, so decided to cut it out altogether.  I have been giving the bicarbonate of soda a lot of airtime lately, and it will continue. 


So, as I type this, I’ve not had a drop of alcohol touch my lips since last Saturday.  I’ve gone without food until the evening meal, and I have drunk as much bicarbonate of soda water as I can physically get down me.  I’ve added frankincense under my tongue when I have remembered and taken a coffee enema every day.  


I did have some pain after my evening meal and with all the “staying off alcohol” thought I would be getting better before now, a bit disheartened to say the least, and I’m actually thinking about having a bottle of wine tomorrow evening (Friday) given that all the effort doesn’t seem to have paid many dividends this week. 

More Thoughts

Just looking at my last post, I’ve not ordered the pancreatic enzymes, maybe it’s time I did.  Will sleep on it, and may give it a go tomorrow.  I suppose I could just order one box, and throw most of them down, as a test.

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