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10 Jun 2018

Mainly Bicarbonate Today


So, in response to my New Diary Post format I wrote yesterday, here is my diary entry for today Sunday 10th June 2018.


My thoughts this morning was, I need to get my PH up today, we had a good night out with friends last night and I had quite a few to drink, and a great Indian meal.


Whilst working on this website, sorting out some more book posts, let’s face it, I have got quite a number to do, having read more than 50 books on the subject, it will take me some time. So, my actions were, I drank 3 pints of water, with two teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda, in each. Over a 4 hour period. Good job it wasn’t a work day, when I needed the toilet, I really needed the toilet, and couldn’t get off there for about half an hour.  Such a large amount of bicarb makes you L00000SE…. it ran out of me like niagara falls. 


No objections from the tumour area today. Little pain earlier, took 3 x 200mg ibuprofen around lunch time. After that, the pain went away and I had no trouble the rest of the day.

Day off work tomorrow.

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