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24 May 2019

Devastating News – Back to the drawing board


I have recently been to checkup on my friend Timmy the Tumour.  

Size of an apple.

It seems, that all of this work I have been doing, or at least “Playing at it” and not taking it so seriously has had dire consequences.  My tumour is now the size of an apple and the doctors say that in order for them to “cure me” of the disease, then I must have chemo, and radiation in combination to “shrink” the tumour.

Followed by Surgery.

This will be followed up with Surgery, and a stoma bag is the only option.  

Knocked me for 6.

To say that it was the size of an apple was flabbergasting to me, I knew that it had grown, but not to that extent. 

I will keep this diary updated with what I decide to do, and will keep it for posterity, or for others to learn something from my death if it comes to that. 

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