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03 Jun 2018

Colon Cancer Symptoms


Colon Cancer Symptoms, what were mine before having it checked out?

Firstly, I had an urge to visit the toilet, after eating or drinking anything.  I didn’t realise it at the time, but what was happening was that I was feeding the cancer.  As it got fed, it swelled up, and made me think that I wanted to visit the toilet.  

Giving it a Sugar Feast.

So, by eating something full of carbs, I was actually feeding the cancer.  This is because cancer is an obligate glucose metaboliser, which basically means it feeds on sugar.  











Swelling the Tumour 

This was swelling the tumour, making it feel as though I wanted to visit the toilet, when actually, I didn’t.

Other Colon Cancer Symptoms

My other Colon Cancer Symptoms were blood in my stools.  Whilst straining to go, I got occasionally got blood in the stools, it was this, final straw, that made me visit the doctors. 

Not a pretty Examination

The ensuing examination from my G.P. (General Practitioner here in the UK) had me repeating my symptoms above, and then the all important, but undignifying examination.  Although difficult to put into words without causing offence, or fear of the reader, the examination involved the doctor, putting on a glove, then inserting his index finger into my rectum.  This whilst not necessarily painful, was certainly an unpleasant experience. 

Post Examination, Next Steps

The doctor didn’t find anything with his exploratory finger, so he referred me to the hospital for a colonoscopy examination, and after that, I had both a CT scan and and MRI. Which are both covered in other blog posts.   


All of the above confirmed that I had colon  or more specifically colorectal cancer.  This was a cancer just inside my rectum about an inch away from the exit of the bowel. Nothing like it on earth shakes you to the core.  You can think of nothing else, and I thought of nothing else for the following year.  My business went down the pan, as I went to school to learn all I could about the disease.  

Help for you.

If you found this website because you have Colon Cancer Symptoms of your own, and are looking for more information, then you may have just found a buddy that will help save your life.  I have had the time to do the learning, and I can point you to the information I have found useful in the years since being diagnosed.  Firstly, you should watch all of the video’s in this series from the amazing Ty Bollinger.  The truth about cancer then visit his website, and subscribe and get the the rest of the series.  I have no affiliation with Ty whatsoever, but I found these video’s invaluable. 

Please join the forum

Please join the forum on this website, because only together will we beat this disease, and our joint experiences can have a real impact for people following in the future. 

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