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11 Jun 2018

Another day of Bicarbonate only


I have had a days holiday from work today, and spent most of the day adding book review posts on this website. My main anti-cancer regimen has been bicarbonate of soda, pretty much the same as yesterday.

So, in my latest style…


Don’t fix what isn’t broken, a couple of pints of water, with a couple of teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda in each pint.


I carried out the actions of my thoughts above, still adding to the book section of the website. I did this until my bowels were loose, and my trip to the toilet had me “pissing the shit out of my anus.” sorry for such a descriptive account, but I want this blog to be an honest recollection of my experience.
I spent the rest of the day cleaning out the drains at home, one of the toilets is blocked. It really left me tired out. All day, draining the drain in front of the house took it’s tole.


We had fish and chips for tea (evening meal) mostly carbs, and no objections from the tumour area. I did have some pain later in the evening, and was going to do a coffee enema, but it went away after I took 3 ibuprofen so gave the coffee a miss for tonight.

More thoughts

Seriously thinking about purchasing some pancreatic enzymes, as per the late doctor Nick Gonzalez, but it will have to be a great number, at great cost.

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