My P.H. Experiment…. introduction to PH Beats Cancer

PH Beats Cancer!

That’s the claim of Vernon Johnson from his website PH Beats Cancer in the video below.  and this book by Dr Mark Sircus

PH Beats Cancer

Sodium Bicarbonate: Nature’s Unique First Aid Remedy which is a marvellous book.  It describes in detail Vernon Johnson’s protocol, in which he cured himself of stage 4 prostate cancer with Mets to the bones.  

Here’s Vernon’s video…


I have ordered some PH kits to test my Saliva and Urine over the next week.  My plan is to do a full week on the protocol aiming for a PH average of about 8 or so.  Blackstrap molasses is available in my local ASDA store, however, it is expensive for the amount you get.  5 Litres, direct from a “Tack shop” designed for Horses, is much cheaper.


Today is Friday 26th of May 2017 and in preparation for my week on the protocol starting on Monday I am going to have a bath this afternoon, with a cup full of Sodium Bicarbonate in the water.  I may follow that with a Sodium Bicarbonate Enema which will both clear me out and help eliminate Candida from my system.


Obviously, I am going to have to watch what I eat during the experiment, but don’t really have a clue on this front.  I have therefore tried to contact Vernon Personally for some guidance on this front.

A little Background Information

I have got to know my Cancer very well.  Because of it’s position, close to my anus, I can literally feel when something is either Working, or not.  When I have some carbs and “feed it” I know about it.  When I have done things in the past that have had some benefit, like Spooky2 rife machine, and the Turpentine / Sugar protocol, my symptoms have disappeared for a short time.  I will literally be able to track my progress.  I will be able to “feel” if it is working or not.


Bath and enema done at the same time.  Bath full of warm water, 1 cup of Sodium Bicarbonate added, enema water was filtered water, heated to body temperature, then Sodium Bicarbonate added until it would no longer be in saturate.  I.E. added until some powder didn’t dissolve.


My pulse rate went up whilst laid in the bath to around 104 bpm.  Other than that, I had no ill effects other than the tinnitus I usually suffer from is particularly bad as I type this.  No feeling from the tumour area and no ill effects felt except that I have an unquenchable thirst.

Follow My Progress

You can follow my progress… I will add further pages to this blog all in the same Category with a direct links from the Menu Bar Above.


The Royal Raymond Rife Story

All things have a “resonance” frequency.

Take a look at this clip, shattering a glass with sound.


Take it one step further

Given the “wind” blowing at just the right frequency, you can make something a whole lot bigger vibrate to destruction


So that’s the big… what about something very small?

You can destroy a wine glass with sound waves, and a bridge with the wind.  Then why not small things like viruses and bacteria?  Well, of course you can.


They may get rid of Rife…. but the Genie is out of the bottle….

Royal Raymond Rife might have been destroyed, but his legacy lives on.


This is what I will be using to help others.

A Rife machine, to the original specifications, but made with 21st century technology.

Get the book

Download a copy here, and please purchase a copy to support the writer.





Imagine a place – to discuss alternative treatments.

Alternative Cancer Forum

Click the image to go straight to the forum to sign up!

Somewhere where your discussion of B17 or Rife machines doesn’t get you banned.  Where your thoughts are displayed for all to see, forever.  Where fellow sufferers can discuss their alternative, and advanced treatments with those who have been there, and are now recovered.

For the Recovered and the Recovering

Speak to genuine people who have already recovered, hear what they did to get well again.  Properly well, not just “in remission” or hoping for 5 year survival, but genuinely well.

Start Small

Yes, we are starting small, but with your help we really can make this place “the place” to be on the internet for advanced and alternative cancer treatment discussions.

Slash, poison and burn

There is a section for conventional medicine, if you really have been convinced to go down that route, and as we are all individuals, you are free to make up your own mind.

Nothing visible to guests

As you can see, there are no threads and no members.  That’s because it is set up to be hidden from anyone who is not logged in.  You will need to join before you can see any of the messages.  Joining is a simple two stage process.  Simply fill out the form, then confirm your e-mail address.

I joined CRUK and was banned!

Yes, that’s right, I was banned from Cancer Research UK, the organisation that is “supposed to be” looking for a cure.  Yeah, right.  I wanted to talk about my own journey, healing cancer naturally, and they banned me from the forum.  Every message I posted that tried to educate people in the alternatives was removed.

What’s to lose by joining?

Simply sign up.  There’s nothing to lose by being a member, it’s FREE.  This is simply my attempt to help humanity.

The Alternative Cancer Forum

Let us make this “the” alternative cancer forum on the web.  With thousands of members this place really would be a mine of information for people following in our footsteps.  Once the posts get going it will become a self fullfilling


The One Minute Cure – Madison Cavanaugh

one_minute_cureThe One Minute Cure – Madison Cavanaugh

I came across this book when doing a search on youtube for Hydrogen Peroxide therapy.  What I read just blew me away…. here’s how it starts…

The information you are about to read in this book will not only shock you, but also anger and excite you at the same time. It will shock you because the simple therapy presented herein may be the closest thing to a panacea that you’ve ever encountered, and yet it has been deliberately suppressed by those who care less about protecting people’s health than they do about their own financial interests. It will make you angry because you might have relatives, friends and loved ones who have suffered unnecessarily from preventable diseases, or even died, because this information has not been disseminated as vigilantly as it should have been. And lastly, it will excite you because the simple therapy which is the subject of this book may well be what its supporters call “the world’s greatest healing miracle of all time.

This was a free book on the internet, simply the author wants to get the information out there.  I have therefore added it here for you to download.


Download it and read it in an hour

This will possibly be the best hour you will ever spend.

Download in PDF format
Download in TXT format
Download in e-book format

 Charles Cross

Don’t try this at home, no seriously, if you watch the video it seems he took a shot glass of 35% but a striking video none the less.  I love to see the passion of people who were given up for dead by conventional medicine.




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Welcome to my blog, Goodbye Cancer.

Hello, my name is Vincent Gledhill, and on Wednesday 3rd December 2014 I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer after a colonoscopy examination.

Let me help you.

Now I am no longer suffering from this dreaded disease, why not give me a call, to see what I did, and didn’t do to eradicate cancer from my system, and what made me well again. See my contact page here.


I am not a doctor, and cannot give medical advice, however, what I can do, is share with you, my journey,


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  1. Robin

    Hi Vincent,
    I hope you are doing well.
    I am sorry but I could not help but contact you for some information about Chlorangiocarcinoma that is affecting my mother. Your valuable inputs will be a blessing to us.
    My mother (68 years) is suffering from Cancer in the Bile Duct-stage-1V. It has been 14 months now. She has a metal stent put in her bile duct. She lives in India and is being given care by my brother and my father. We decided against getting chemotherapy for my mother as the doctors said the success rate is very low. She has made diet changes and took Ayervedic (Ancient Indian medicine) herbal medicines until December 2016. We came to know about B17 in January 2017 and she started taking 4 capsules of B17 (500 mg) per day. She has started throwing up with low blood pressure when she takes apricot seeds. She hrew up some brownish liquid twice.She stopped taking the seeds but is continuing with the capsules. She started taking B15 and liver engume tablets along with the B17 capsules.
    I need some help as to what I can do to continue the B17 treatment and get some signs that it is working.
    She has been getting fever on and off associated with cough and high WBC for the last one year. She gets better for a month or so everytime she gets IV antibiotics.
    will be delighted to receive a reply from you and get some suggestions. We are worried as she is getting infection and high fever for last 10 days and is very weak. She does not have pain.


    1. Anthony Tsui

      Dear Vincent,
      I came to your website by searching Google. I would my wife also suffering from gallbladder cancer since March 2015. She is now undergoing immunity therapy but the situation is not good.
      I also like to hear any opinion from you in order helping my wife.

      I saw the background of your video, there seems to have some Spooky2 accessories, I also like to hear from you about that.

      Hoping you the best,

      1. Vincent Gledhill

        Hi Robin. Please follow my progress that I am going to put onto this site over the next week. I have just read an excellent book called Sodium Bicarbonate: Nature’s Unique First Aid Remedy, by Dr. Mark Sircus. I’m going to share my experience as I follow the protocol.

  2. Frank Levey

    Thank you for this heart filled and informative site.

  3. Carole McGregor

    My husband has Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer in pancreas and liver. The problem is the cancer in the peritoneum which has pressed on and closed his intestine so he now only has food via IV and has a tube through his nose into his stomach and a catheter because he cannot take his tablets for his prostate.

    So I now have a supply of B17 ampoules that I am starting to give him injected into a perfusion bag 50ml and dripped in through his port a cath. But he cannot take any tablets so how can I get Vitamin C in to him and Vitamin A, D3 and pancreatic enzymes – can they be given via IV and how.

    He was given 2 months to 6 months max. He had chemo but his treatment stopped in May and he has had nothing since so the cancer is growing and spreading but mainly I believe in the peritoneum.

    Ideas required. Thanks so much.

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      GcMAF are showing great results with pancreatic cancer.

  4. Kirby

    Hi Vincent,

    I was diagnosed with colon cancer this week so it is still very early in my journey. I happen to have Spooky2 and came across your thread while rummaging through the Spooky2 forum. Your last post on the forum was back in March, and like others on the forum, I am curious how you are doing now. Any chance of a follow-up post to share with us your Spooky2 experience over the last several months?



    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Hi Kirby.

      I abandoned the spooky2 when my friend Fiona gave it up too. It has certainly helped, but is no “cure”. Or at least not for me. I would love to be told otherwise.


  5. Florent

    Hello Vincent,

    I am writing you because I have some questions about Laetrile for one of my friend who has cancer, now with water in his lungs:
    1)Can the Laetrile treatment be taken at the same time than the chemotherapy ?
    2)Laetrile can be taken by injection or tablets. Many people cannot get the injections so their main weapon against cancer are the B17 tablets. Is taking 5 grams of tablets the same as being injected 5 grams of Laetrile or is the ratio different ?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Best regards,


    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Personally I wouldn’t touch chemo with a barge pole. It destroys your immune system.

      Get your friend to ask the doctor if it will “cure” him. The doctor will undoubtedly say that it “won’t” and if he says that it will, ask to see some other patients that have had success. You won’t find any.


  6. Gabriel

    Hi Vincent,

    I have recurrent prostate cancer (stage 3b, no metastases), and thyroid cancer (papillary), and basal cell carcinoma on the upper lip (apparently non deadly cancer). My PSA from prostate cancer is rapidly rising, Gleason score 9. Did surgery, radiation and chemo. I am looking for alternative treatments. I have done Gerson (6 months), macrobiotic (3 years, did help a bit), prostate vaccine in mexico (oasis of hope), iv VitC, hyperbaric, ozone, ProWave rife, and bought last week PERL-M+ from resonant light, I did DCA, NovaVIta, etc.
    Despite all this, the recurrent cancer is still on the rise.
    DO you have additional suggestions? any help is appreciated.
    Thank you and God bless you,

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      I would do a 3 month juice fast and coffee enemas a la gerson style. Then get a plasma rife machine setup.

  7. Vahik Alkhasian

    Hi Vincent / friends,
    I am new to understand all this as well as other theropy.But I am welling to learn and implement.
    Frankly, I am here because sinc Dec 31, 2015 my wife has become bed rest.
    Back Ground;
    My wife was diagnosis with Glioblastoma, stage 4 brain tumor in Oct 2008. She had her surgery follow with chemo and radiation. For 4 1/2 years she was free, til April 2014. When recurrent took place, She had several chemo therapy ( killing therapy is better words) and has destroy her immune system, which has cause her to be bed bound, since late December til Now. On Jan 9th came cross Dr Rife, and spooky 2. Imminently have order central spooky 2 which was recommended for patient like Jaklen.I should add, Jaklen can’t talk, she does eye contact and function, she make noise, but great spirit, and hearth of champion.
    Question for you or your followers,
    A) did you ever use spooky 2? If so out come of it?
    Has any one including you have worked on this? What frequency do you use for Brain tumor?
    How to re built her immune system, since just few days ago started juice therapy and she is taking very small amount of juice 5- 10 0z, today prays the lord the intake was greater then that.
    what did you do with Bravo Probiotic yogurt? Did you buy the powder from Bravo to mix your first batch or how do you make it ( please provide step by step)
    Any wants wants to contact me, I am located in usa, pacific time, I don’t care what time you call me, please call me or e mail me @

    Blessing of lord be with each one of your family,

    Vahik & Jaklen Alkhasian

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      At this late stage, with the chemo ruining your wife’s immune system, I if it was me, I would want to visit the gerson clinic. Quite simply, you’re wife is not strong enough to deal with the killed cancer cells. See

  8. Heather

    Vincent there is a Master Herbalist in the United States that works on Healing the Immune & Central Nervous system. His theory is based on correcting the polarity of the body and he has had enormous success with cancer patients including his very own story on Leukemia many years ago now. I have lost a few friends to cancer and the ones that have gone on Keith’s program are still alive and very well today. The other’s did alternative therapies but there was that one thing missing and that was the bodies ability to hold energy and remain in a state of good health – Chronic Reversed Polarity. Keith does not cost a fortune to talk to $60US for first consult – and $16US for monthly check-ups. The herbs cost around $25US per week. It is not an expensive program but it is vital to all that everyone does regarding reversing chronic illnesses such as cancer. You can go to my website and read about it on also if you would like the recordings of interviews with Keith (there are 17 of them it total) I can send you the Dropbox link to listen to them all. Here is the link and anyone with the link can listen to it and share it – it is all free.

    I am not financially connected with Keith, in fact we are good friends, as I had Fibromyalgia and was chronically ill – due to this program my life was turned around and so too many of my friends lives. Please share this info. Whatever you do share this vital info with others to both Keith and I it is the very foundation of being well and should be the initial treatment, everything that is done from this point will work tenfold once the polarity of the body is corrected and the body is able to heal itself………….

    I am now working with Spooky2 to clean up the viruses etc. but the CRP program turned my life around.

    I also have an interesting theory on tinnitus! That these people could possibly being affected by the frequencies that earth is being bombarded with. I had ringing in the ears and started to “put up my tube of white light daily” and it all stopped for me. It is possible that these people are being affected by these dreadful frequencies being put out. It is much safer for people to learn how to protect themselves from these nasty things being carried out on humans.

  9. Lucy Theodas

    Hello Vincent, I just joined Spooky2 because I am facinated hy the remote healing. First I want to thank Vincent Gledhill for starting this blog. This blog gives me the opportunity to share my research on healing Cancer using alternative protocol. First finding: Cancer is not a death sentence. Cancer is not the killer, it is the wrong decisions most patients made due to fear of death that kills the patients in the most miserable manners. Anyone diagnosed must research alternative healings and understand what is causing the cancer in your body. Alternative protocols advocates that Cancer patients must immediately change their diet. Remove. sugar, bread, rice any food when injested that will turn into goucose and makes your body terrain acid. Reason is that Cancer feeds on glucose, glucose is food for Cancer. Glucose makes your body terrain acidic. Cancer thrives and multiply in an acidic terrain of the body. Go Raw and green. Eat your green vetables raw. Juice your green vegetables do not add any fruits because of sugar contents. Make smoothie with avocado, green coconut and vegetables.

    Eat daily budwig and cellect diet recommended by Cancer Tutor. Cancer Patients must follow this diet with full compliance. This diet will clean out the acid in your hody and starve the cancer to death. Next oxygenate your body by doing deep breathing excercise. Cancer cannot tolerate an oxygenated enveroment in the body. Research Ozone Blood treatment. This treatment will oxygenate your blood. do 30 treatment. Do 35 IVs of highdose Vitamine C together with B17, B12. and gluthation.

    Start treatment with a Rife Machine. I bought a GB4000. Run the machine up to 8 hours a day.

    Hi Guys thank you for allowing me to share the above. If you take action to implement the above you will see results
    provided that you are not already been treated by Chemotherapy or Radiation. Chemotherapy and Radiation will dismantle
    your own Immune System. Without your immune system you will have no defence to heal your body. The above protocol
    I discovered will help Cancer patients to firstly build a strong defence , withe their own God Given Immune System to heal every seconds. Now why would anyone allow an Oncologist to murder you by killing off your defence system in your body due to your ignorance while they make a fortune killing you miserably.

    I vouch that the above protocol have proven to be very effective even for a stage 4 throat cancer patients who was given 4 months to live by his oncologist on 14 April 2014, as the cancer already spread to the lymph system. He is strong and fit with no sign of cancer progressing anywhere in his body although the little lumps remains. Today is 21 Dec 2015. Cancer is not about that lump or that bumps. It is about keeping an alkaline body terrain and a Strong Immune System. Watch what you eat. Watch what you are thinking. Be aware of STRESS. Everything that happens to you originates from your mind as you think so you be. Be responsible to yourself.
    Take Care I send you Love and Lights, Lucy P/S I am very excited by Spooky2. remote healing protocol using Rife Frequency because I am a believer of RIFE Technology

  10. Catherine Brady

    Hello Vincent
    I am a new Spooky2 user, and I saw your posts on the discussion boards. I am trying to help a friend who has chronic tinnitus. The protocol described on the discussion board hasn’t helped yet, and I’m wondering whether you had any success with your tinnitus using the Spooky2.

    All the best,

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Hi Catherine.

      No, sorry, I haven’t had any success with the tinnitus. However, all I have run are the frequencies via remote that were in the thread on the forum. To no avail. However, being that my focus (as you can imagine) has been dealing with my cancer instead. I haven’t really looked further into the tinnitus.

      What I will do, once I am properly cancer free is look to get rid of the tinnitus, because it really is a pain. To do this with spooky I would do a bio scan around the frequencies that are mentioned in the DB for the disease. I would then “kill” the pathogens that were found. By doing this over and over again, if the tinnitus is “pathogen caused” then I’m sure it would clear it up.

      It may take some time, but “doable” IMHO. BTW, I’m not convinced about the remote thing.

    2. Tess Lee

      Hello Catherine, pls try this and see whether it helps:

  11. janet newham

    If I had cancer I would follow the alternative route but which one? Its very confusing because there are so many. How does one know which would be the most suitable?

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      If you’re anything like me, then you keep trying them all until you find one that works for you.

      But in reality, you have to build up your immune system, clear out the crud and detoxify, then your immune system can do it’s job.

  12. Russell

    Hi; Although to my knowledge I do not have cancer, I have been taking amygdaline capsules for some time. A while back, I noticed that my lower lung/ribcage area seemed to ache. I began to wonder if I had any sort of “inhalation of harmful dust” condition, as I am a fitter/welder and have exposed to fumes and grinding-grit all my working life–I’m 62, quit smoking over 40 years ago, and am still working construction. So, it occurred to me one day, why not open one of the capsules and inhale a bit of the powder? I’m been doing this every day for about three weeks now, and my lungs feel great! Do you think I can do myself harm by this? I know that people with confirmed cases of cancer actually INJECT amygdaline into their bodies (I WON”T do that) , so inhalation , by comparison, seemed reasonable. Please get back to me as soon as is convenient. thanks, R.

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Hi Russell, really sorry but I haven’t got a clue. However, as a preventative measure, I would personally eat about 10 apricot kernels a day. Probably about 5 on my breakfast ground up. Then another 5 spread throughout the day. Hope that helps.

  13. James

    Do you know of any places that do B17 IV?
    In Mexico, preferably.

    Thank you

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      Yes, oasis of hope.

  14. Heather

    Great Blog. Thanks for doing this.

    1. Vincent Gledhill

      No problem Heather. Please like us on facebook for updates.

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My P.H. Experiment…. introduction to PH Beats Cancer

PH Beats Cancer! That’s the claim of Vernon Johnson from his website PH Beats Cancer in the video below.  and this book by Dr Mark Sircus Sodium Bicarbonate: Nature’s Unique First Aid Remedy which is a marvellous book.  It describes in detail Vernon Johnson’s protocol, in which he cured himself of stage 4 prostate cancer with …

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The Royal Raymond Rife Story

All things have a “resonance” frequency. Take a look at this clip, shattering a glass with sound.   Take it one step further Given the “wind” blowing at just the right frequency, you can make something a whole lot bigger vibrate to destruction   So that’s the big… what about something very small? You can …

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